Facebook Group’s Invitation Model and Rules Changed – December 2018. Your Group is not growing anymore? Know why!

We all love our facebook groups, isn’t it? We have worked so hard and we all love our groups like our babies.

To start with, let me introduce you to our group – The Earthy Ways. This is our Female Only group, which has become our extended family. We discuss everything and anything that goes on in a woman’s life. We help each other, we motivate each other. It’s just a little over a year old and we were growing so fast. We were very happy as our hard work was paying in the form of love from everyone. We had so many plans to support women from all over India and abroad.

19th December 2018; We were at 27.7K+ members and over 700 requests were pending. We scanned the profiles and we approved around 670 or so. But the member count didn’t increase! We tried many times. Several people started complaining. No one knew what was happening. We waited few days, tried again, nothing happened. Member count was not increasing, in fact, it was decreasing. We were very confident that we were respecting all facebook community standards. So, we contacted facebook.

What facebook replied was something we were not ready for:


Previously when other group members added new users to the group and admins/moderators accepted them, they would automatically become part of the members list.

Now, the users that are added to a new group must accept the invitation and visit the group at least one time in order to become part of the active members list.

That’s the reason why only the members that ask themselves to be part of the group get automatically in the group numbers. 

So, from now on, just adding members to a group from your friend list won’t help as long as they don’t consent. In a way, I understand this as there are so many new groups nowadays and everyone is adding everyone everywhere! So, I can’t complain in a conscious mind. I had been very annoyed too when I was added in no less than 10 groups on an average per day. So, there we go! Facebook has changed the rules.

I hope this will help you to understand why your group is not growing like before. As far as I understand, this is permanent.

Also, if you have taken part in a group giveaway where you have to add members in order to win, like ours, then whatever number you have added after 19th December 2018 (I am not sure about the exact date, but it’s around this day), they wont get added automatically. So, if you are wondering about this, this is your explanation.

If you have any question, let me know in the comment section Or ask us in our group TEW.

All the best Everyone! Cheers!

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